In addition to the in-house training seminars, CABA also offers an online training system, which is generalized to Disability and is self-paced. Users are allocated their own login details and access to the training modules is available wherever and whenever suits them. The modules include slide presentations, videos, assignments, online testing and additional resources.

Progress and achieved competencies can be tracked on the system by Managers of staff.

Content can be customized. We can build upon our content to include organisational requirements to the system, and the system is also tailored so that the training packages include the organisation’s logo and colour scheme; the organisations has its own unique web address.

Reaccreditation is offered, unlike conventional training, staff members are reminded by the system to reaccredit on a training package e.g. restricted practice is reaccredited every 6 months whilst teaching and instruction is every 12months. This way, staff do not forget concepts and methods over time.

Cost savings – we estimated that administration and management support time to train 100 staff on the content would cost an organisation over $120, 000 a year, which includes backfilling costs. With the E-Learning system, all administration and management is automated and there are no backfilling costs.

Staff ‘down-time’ can be put to use, as training is available at all times. Staff can be allocated slots of time during a shift to do training. E.g. If the 9-10pm slot in a shift is notoriously ‘slow’, staff can be allocated a work duty to do online training during this time.

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NB: Access to the system is available for no cost to managers of organisations.